Teas around the world

For some tea is a beautiful experience, for some tea is a stress reliever, and some find so much comfort from a cup of tea. Wherever it is and whatever the reason is, tea has now become a well-known beverage, second to only water. People belonging to cultures around the world have made tea a part of their daily routine in their own unique way.

Chinese tea ceremonies

Tea originated in China during the Tang Dynasty, so it has been a part of China since ancient times. Some people still honour their traditional steeping methods and practice them to this very day. For them, tea is one of the seven main necessities of life alongside rice, soy sauce, salt, oil, vinegar, and firewood.
They mostly consume green tea which is the oldest tea known to be consumed by Chinese people. Yellow tea made by drying damp tea leaves gives a yellow hue after brewing. The aromatic tea is highly praised for the quality and was even served to their emperors because yellow is a traditional imperial colour. Their ceremonies are very grand and beautiful with the server’s graceful and slow hand movements, that it’s almost a performance.

The German tea world

Germany is a country that is fond of tea. Whether it is a melancholy feeling, happy mood, or feeling unwell, tea is the beverage! In 1778 AD tea was cheaper than beer, so people started drinking more tea. This made the Prussian monarch anxious that they made a policy against tea! Things got interesting that this action arose to people stealing tea, that they had to remove the ban just after two years of implying it.

Germans drink a lot of black tea (Schwarztee) and fruit tea (Fruchttee) always feature during special occasions. A cup of tea is such a staple of daily German life. So, they are open to enjoy a cup of tea no matter what time of the day it is. In their opinion it is a soothing beverage that brings so much consolation. Nevertheless, the Germans are well aware of medicinal properties of tea making that another reason as to why tea is very tempting for them!

A cup of Chai from India

People in the 12th century considered tea as a wild plant that just grew on their lands. The habitants in the area brewed the leaf despite not knowing what the leaf actually is. Now India is one of the largest producers of tea. Well known types of tea such as Assam and Darjeeling are grown and harvested in India, and almost 70% of its harvest is consumed by them and only the rest is exported.

Assam tea is perfect for breakfast teas like English breakfast and Irish breakfast. The bold, brisk, malty flavour and the bright colour is the reason behind it. Darjeeling tea only requires the top two leaves and the bud of the tree. Darjeeling tea production uses yore techniques and the tea has a fruity flavour with citrus notes in it. The sweet musky flavour is similar to that of Muscat wine giving it the title “Champagne of teas”. Because of this Darjeeling has now gained a reputation for its great quality that it marks its importance across the world.

The mint tea of Morocco

The Maghrebi mint tea also known as Moroccan mint tea is a tea made from green tea, spearmint leaves, sugar, and hot boiling water. It is customary in the Maghreb region (Northwest Africa) now widespread to North Africa as well. Mint tea is central in the Moroccans’ lives, it takes ceremonial forms, welcomes a guest, the head male of the family prepares the drink as a sign of hospitality.

Tea around the world is a long journey with many facts and surprises hidden. However the important thing is that people from different countries enjoy a cup of tea in their own unique ways, and that cup is sometimes the best feeling of all.

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